The Writing of Cloud Buchholz



watching you tan

the romantic

Like Drunk You Wrapped Me Up

A Good 1st Date

Left on Purpose

I'm Buttoned at the Neck without a Tie

Too Pretty to Eat Unaccompanied

Love Poem?

Your New Pillow Shams


The Cool Nights

We Should Age

I'm a Kindergartner with Safety Scissors

Evening in the Summer Time

Lazy like the Tips of Her

The 1st Kiss

Until We're Forming the Same Letters

No Love Making Wednesday

Two Beer Cans Barely Touching


Your Earrings on My Windowsill

Sunday Evening on the Front Steps


The 2nd Year Anniversary

Spilling Towards the Low Point of the Mattress

The Love Song of1

The Only Rule is Don't Be Boring1

Being Single

In This Houseful of Other Things

I Have About 100 Pairs of Pajamas1

I Think We All Agree, the Past is Over1


Like a Girl Walking Past Construction Workers

Sorry is the Kool-Aid of Human Emotions1

Collecting There

At a Distance: Sorry



Until the Mosquitoes Turn Me Home

The Third Heaven1

Weary Time

Following April

A Series of Commas

The Couple

The Height of the Sun

A Body

Recognize the Cracks

I Have a Light

The Preface of My Story

3 Days Before Easter

I Lost My Last Memory

The American Idlers1

The Work-Week Heart

Des Moines, Iowa

Kinder Nights

A Couple Wearing Fine

The Wedding of Julie Elizabeth Bal & Anthony Paul Seiler

A Couple in the Lobby

Blond in Boots by the Stairwell

Herself, Grown

Like Someone Splashed Soda Up Against the Wall

Dried Orange Slices in Summer Heat

The Table was Spread

A Polyphony of Conversation

South Elevator

Accountability Breeds Response-ability1

Approximating Smoke


Sitting Alone Outside Burger King

Aren't We, Weren't We


A Waitress at Mel's

the eyelash in my hand


Edition History

About The American Idlers