The Writing of Cloud Buchholz

Love Poems & Other Foolish Things:
A Collection of Haiku

like the trees that grow
in parking lots we nestle
into each other

the ocean carves out
stone cliffs the way your fingers
graze me as you pass

my voice reaches you
the way a small leaf reaches
for the distant sun

if someone described
her thighs as a library
then I would read more

if her eyes were a
zoo, I would be the monkeys
shaking at their bars

if her fingers were
a comb, I would be a strand
of long knotted hair

naked like a doll
at her pretend tea party
when can I go home

her lips like candy
I (a child) could not resist
now diabetes

sick like the hot sun
a full hemisphere away
from your best(est) dreams

red, blond, and brunette
which is best, I couldn't say
soon they'll all go gray

I thought of how you'd
say good-bye and I practiced
plugging up my ears

I saw your heart on
your sleeve, and so I bought you
a jacket to wear

my dog stole the news-
paper and bit my hand. Why
did I think of you?

like green tomatoes
my thoughts are plucked before you
can slide into bed

I want you the way
an anorexic thinks of
toothpaste for breakfast

waiting like a cell-
phone tower, I introduce
your friend to my friend

if you were the sun
than my heart must be wearing
night vision goggles

nervous like a used
car salesman with unpaid bills
I watch you enter

my tongue is a new
pair of shoe strings keeping hold
of worn down sneakers

her kiss is like a
rusty pickup truck, rough, but
it'll get you there

her best look is like
the last green leaf lingering
before bulldozers

clothes peel off like paint
neglected on a foreclosed
home (eager to sell)

waiting for the best
pitch with my pick-up line, you
let me walk to first

when you go to the
store buy yourself a bouquet
of flowers. I'll pay.

keeping up with your
lips leaves my ears like frayed wires

like commercial breaks
during the super bowl, we
take some time apart

a leaf has two sides
both are delicious to a
starved caterpillar

like a book cover
ripped off, I'm seen but never
read, sold, or displayed

talking like a dog
covered in mud, shaking it
off in the bedroom

a tree grows through stone
craving the sun the same way
I search for your smile

bodies breathe until
they forget how and go cold
even you and I

cars careen around
a corner and kiss bumpers
the way we cuddle

like a heavy rain
that floods a city sidewalk,
you torrent my thoughts

a car door slams shut,
I think of you. My heart aches,
and I think of you.

The leaves turn yellow.
In winter they will kiss the
ground and linger there.

the sweetest flower
is only a flower, but
you have the best boobs

rust keeps a metal
chair shut. I am the same way
when you leave my side

a dog barks at the
softest sound the same way your
name keeps me awake

like the mosquito
bite I shouldn't scratch I hear
the telephone ring

I'm like a blind man
alone at a strip club when
you turn off the lights

a pancake without
syrup is the same as my
lips absent of yours

I'm solar panels
in the shade outside your room
waiting for the sun

I think of you when
the house is cold and quiet
and the doors are shut

like a hospital
patient waiting for the news
of their (soon) release

a butterfly weighs
the edge of a leaf, hoping
for a gust of wind

dust gathers on the
fine china in the cupboard
like everything else

her bed is neatly
made each morning. She wonders
when it will matter

the rain washed away
the dried worms from the sidewalk
now there's only stone

I would kiss your hand
if I knew, with certainty,
that you had washed it

the relationship
I have with this ingrown nail
is milder than ours

the ocean lingers
along the sand like my hand
along your curved waist

like a monster truck
without seatbelts, our bodies
collide with the sheets

before we begin,
you should know how long it's been
since I last began

people never change
the word love, though they sometimes
give it new meaning

the grass always grows
even when we cut it down
or act neglectful

the cat on your lap
looking for affection must
have gotten lost there

like unfurled flags in
windless skies waiting for an
evening breeze and you

your love is like a
colloquial language in
a land I visit

I am a sumo
wrestler with a fistful
of menus and cash

with you I feel like
a Greek god, all powerful,
but missing tribute

loving you is like
a preacher full of hellfire
absent a bible

a life insurance
salesman before Ragnarok
would love you better

a smart accountant's
calculator is idle
like my heart by yours

my tongue's a dog's tail
wagging when you return home
to open my cage

a gun without a
bullet sits on the mantle
by photos of you

cold pizza and pills
won't cure a hangover and
neither will your glare

a poor man without
a wallet is a poor man
until he buys one

dreaming in black &
white after Technicolor
in an empty bed

it's getting harder
to find days I don't regret
even ones with you

we live like bees that
have drown in honey they made
to share with the hive

the tree was cut down
weeks ago, but I still trip
on uncovered roots

a bird sings to pass
the time while I watch the cat
slink across the yard

without my glasses
you are smudges of color,
abstract, out of reach...

I woke up dreaming
of you and the moment we
met. I hate nightmares.

a hamster ball is
the speed of our rapport, if
we hated rodents

a bald barber can
still cut hair, and I can still
keep you happiest

if love is a joke,
it's the only time I don't
feel like the punch line

an airplane passes
overhead. Are you on it?
I don't care...I don't...

a car alarm blares.
a window breaks. It can't be
you. It's too subtle.

I spilled my coffee,
the sprinklers soaked the news,
and you ate my toast...

like a child counting
for the first time, I don't know
what comes next...or why

mosquito bites are
like you; touching one only
makes it worse and scars

I think of you when
It's quiet or loud, when I'm
alone or with friends...

the best safeword when
I'm with you is "goodbye" but
I always forget

the shower leaks and
the water's always cold, but
you can still get clean

an author counting
words is how you are with me,
making your quota

how can I say I
love you? I know seventeen
syllables won't do...

an elephant can
recognize it's reflection,
but can't build mirrors

"catch & release does
not just apply to fish," you
said before you left

I am waiting like
a sack lunch getting smushed while
you read the menu

a good professor
without a book could still teach,
but would need students

a skilled PR team
defending terrorists would
explain you better

a soft breeze touches
my cheek and escapes between
the slots of the fence

an orange breasted bird
catches worms floating in the
muddy, hose-soaked dirt

stone angels in a
cemetery gather tears
and lots of bird poop

doing nothing is
best when it comes to picking
scabs and seeing you

jet trails separate
the sky into places we've
been and yet to be

the clothesline trying
to untie itself matters
to the hanging clothes

I had a pet rock.
One day I let him go free.
He didn't get far.

The hammer was left
out all night. It works, I'm sure,
just hold this nail still.

an email from you
made me smile until I learned
it was a virus

I wait for you here
like a window shattered by
a careless cat thief.

If love is a game,
I must have lost the board and
pieces years ago.

The engine echoes
off the wooden walls of homes
built in perfect rows.

I thought touching you
was progress, but now I see
it was only change.

Vultures circle. Do
they know you're gone? Do they know
I lie here dying?

The sky must be blue
in your hemisphere because
the sun left with you.

The quiet nights I
find no sleep, the sheets are hot,
and I feel naked.

My nose hairs, like your
sad stories, are annoying
when they get too long.

Yellow leaves, brown tipped,
cover the ground like blankets
of dead summer sun.

Rustling trees speak
in steady cadence like a
dancer's toes touching

The ocean breeze stings
of salt and shards of cold while
the waves die slowly.

A bald tire leaking
along the highway, breaks squeal,
I'm late once again.

I am like the grass
growing between the pumpkins
of your small garden.

The frail flowers, stiff
and dead, occupy a green
pot in the backyard.

The neighbor's dog broke
through the panels of the fence
looking for a friend.

A soldier returns
home with his uniform stuffed
inside his suitcase.

I'm sorry she says
like a waitress with the bill
before I've tipped her.

Yogurt and coffee,
a cold shower and blue tie.
Mondays are the worst.

Office phone ringing,
another client wanting
a better deal now!

Nervous hands to hold
the baby of a cousin;
I'm not a parent.

Sometimes when I stop
for a moment, thoughts of you
return painfully.

Do you think of me?
Are you writing poems about
how much you miss me?

In the still morning
when the sun is fast asleep,
your alarm goes off.

Are you happy now
that you've found someone who's not
me? ...It's mutual.

Like politicians
circling an issue, we
talk in agreement.

A debate on mute
is how I feel when I think
about leaving you.

An American
flag pinned to a suit is not
ever at half mast.

The ambassador
to your heart must deal with a
lot of terrorists.

A love letter sent
too late is better than not
at all, so you say.

This old house must have
a ghost that leaves the toilet
seat up...It's not me.

The romance may be
gone, but you haven't left yet.
I'll get your jacket.

The Apple fanboy
who bought the older model
by accident knows...

I'm the last person
you want to see right now, so
why not close your eyes?

A herd of cattle
adding to global warming
amounts to your loving.

An open window
and cold rain make the heavy
blanket feel warmer.

An enemy of
compromise, I'll take every
part of you right now.

Charity is not
love...It's not even a close
second, so you say.

My armor is old,
breaking, and worn. I'm not a
soldier anymore.

The dog lies outside
on the hot pavement dreaming
of wet grass and shade.

The expression of
power is control like a
bird's wing finding air.

The wind through palm leaves
isn't rain. California
winters are warm ghosts.

I want you to hold
me when I've done too many
rum right now.

The earthquake tremor
felt like a cat demanding
my leg's attention.

Playing with her hair:
too many strands, not enough
fingers - the knots win.

What's left to say now?
Not even the air between
us will get pregnant.

You swim in sandals
and nothing else. Oh to be
a fish in that lake.

Twisting funnels form
jagged spires separating
the blue-torn skyline.

You say to settle
down and not let them hold me
back, but here I am.

You write the headlines
of our quarreling while I
peruse the paper.

I see you standing
by the sink, suds covering
your breasts...I want you.

I walked away not
because of you, but because
I'm good at walking.

You might as well be
the watch cuffed around my wrist
counting the seconds.

I've still got this dream...
It's the only time I see
you and not feel bad.

My heart was a film
pirated and free when you
smiled for the first time.

The end of the world
doesn't scare a man like me,
not when I've got you.

I don't want to doubt
how quickly you close your eyes
every time we kiss.

Some days I hate you.
Other days I hate that I
hate you. Just go...please.

Will we be dug up
in a thousand years? Will they
find us together?

I'm so sick of you,
but this fever won't break and
maybe it shouldn't...

You play all the right
games while I search the rule book
for proper context.

Being the better
man would be my first choice if
I wasn't a boy.

There's still time for you
to go or did you expect
me to lock the door?

I spend each evening
on the floor with the dog while
you lie on the couch.

My shadow stretches
beneath your feet while we walk:
grim foreshadowing.

I'd be drunk if
I had the money; instead,
I'll settle for you.

You're the kind of girl
guys like me could idealize
if we had never met.

I'm not a fool for
laughing at myself. I'm a
fool because of you...

You'll probably change
your mind when you get to know
me...they always do.

A conquistador
invading a foreign land
steals the way you love.

The rain didn't last -
just a drizzle to keep us
huddled together.

You let the sweat cling
to your shirt after jogging.
I like you sticky.

The problems at hand
come to mind every time I
hold you in my arms.

A tear in the screen
brings a bizzing fly inside
to die by my hand.

You sit in the sun
as the cold tonic perspires,
wetting your fingers.

A noise startles you.
I search the house with a bat
and my underwear.

I may not be good,
but I can be good enough -
just give me a chance.

The package waits there,
in front of your door like a
baby abandoned.

Helpless sand returns
to the rhythm of the cold
current of ocean.

Golden lions lay
in dry and dead savannahs
while zebras approach.

My dear, how could I
love anyone before you
...or anyone else?

You always leave me
wanting more like the host of
an infomercial.

I'm like a mug shot:
taken at your worst moment
after a drunk night.

You start me up like
an old engine that kicks when
you try to change gears.

Kindling in cardboard
boxes is stacked by a pit
warming in the sun.

I'm dreaming of all
the ways to kiss you; each more
daring than the last.

For now we are young
and bolder than we ought to
be, but age will come.

She presses a hand
to her face hoping to hide
the tears on her cheeks.

The brittle roses
wilt in a vase on your desk.
Will you water them?

Lay in the sand with
me and we will watch the waves
topple slow surfers.

Thunder clouds cover
the sky, but I know we're still
circling the sun.

Someone is waiting
in your front room flickering
the lights...I should go.

I know I'm slow when
I should be quick, and I'm quick
when I should be slow.

Babe, close your window.
It's not me throwing pebbles
or calling your name.

The angels watching
over you must have resigned;
God only knows why...

The perfume trails you
like a shadow or a cape
that I tug lightly.

It's hard to explain
the intricacies of love,
so I won't bother.

It doesn't take much
to gratify me. I bet
even you will do.

You're a beautiful
girl wearing high-heels, a coy
grin, and nothing else.

I only knew you
loved me when I let you down;
satisfaction hurts.

You keep me honest
or quiet, whichever suits
your better nature.